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This company is HORRIBLE.My husband was referred to Reliable Transmission when our 1997 Dodge Ram needed a new transmission.

We were trying to fix the truck before selling it so that the new owner wouldn't have any problems with it. When we initially called, we were told that it wouldn't cost more than $800 to rebuild. Living in NC, we paid for a tow to New Port News, VA. After the transmission was in pieces (and we couldn't get it to someone else), we were told that it would cost $2300 for the rebuild.

My husband freaked out! Finally, we settled on after market parts in order to bring the total down to $1800. Once the transmission on completed we picked it up. 150 miles later we sold it.

ONLY 27 miles later ..... the transmission DIED. We had to buy the truck back from the new owner - so they didn't feel we were trying to rip them off. I called Reliable and was told that it was probably the transfer case!!

There would not be shavings in the transmission fluid if that were the case. They told me to once again have the truck towed to them and they would look at it. I explained that after $200 to tow it to them, $1800 to repair it and us having to buy the truck back from the new owner we have NO MONEY to tow it to them. I explained that the truck only has 177 miles since the repairs and I would contact 12 on Your Side for help.

the lady said that she would talk to Mark and call me back. NO callback was ever made. I will be contacting Consumer Affairs, The Attorney General, The BBB (for more complaints on their "F" rating and anyone else I can find. The economy is hard on everyone right now and I pray anyone reading this AVOIDS this company so they aren't stuck like we are.

KARMA and hopefullly, the law will *** RELIABLE TRANSMISSIONS the way the deserve.There is no way that life will end up being kind to people that run their business with total disregard to consumers (and their livelihoods) the way this one does.

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:( They lie bad business.

Nouakchott, Nouakchott, Mauritania #178454

You're not alone - There are MANY complaints about this company.How they remain is business is beyond me!

Legal rip-off artist I say!:(

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